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Welcome To Our

Plumeria Nursery

Young plumeria in the nursery in perfect growing conditions

Fully Climate Controlled

Fully established and conditioned plumeria thriving in the UK climate

Regulated Conditioning

Plumeria cuttings being monitored, quality checked and prepared for rooting

Monitored Development

Seedlings growing strongly in the warmth and light of the nursery - Click to Enlarge

Warm and Well Lit

The Perfect Place For Getting Plumeria Ready For Life In The UK

We started our Nursery over 10 years ago, having returned from a wonderful holiday in the US where we were captivated by the beauty of Plumeria.

On our return, we scoured the UK's garden centres to find these beautiful flowers, but to no avail and so decided that we alone would bring the beauty of these wonderful plants to our shores.

Since then our Nursery has gone from strength to strength and allowed us, through our own experiences of raising Plumeria in UK conditions to develop and refine the perfect set of care techniques and products to ensure success.
Young plumeria plants being grown under lights to ensure strong new root formation - Click to Enlarge

Strong, Healthy Growth

A fully established and conditioned Plumeria plant already for your home - click to enlarge

All Ready For Your Home

The real beauty of our climate controlled Nursery is that it allows us to import Plumeria of all sizes from our sister nurseries in Hawaii and the Far East and then re-establish and grow them strongly in their natural tropical environment, whilst gradually conditioning them to our cooler UK conditions.

This process and subsequent 'Road Testing' really checks to ensure that all our plumeria are fully acclimatised and established before being released for online sale and means they arrive with you in perfect health and fully conditioned for life within your care.

Due to our diligence our Plumeria will never be the cheapest, but we feel sure that the reassurance and peace of mind given by our Nursery's care, UK conditioning and on going support, does make any extra cost a very small price to pay and the real difference between success or failure.

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Whilst in the nursery all our plumeria are grown in pots to ensure quality and strong natural root development

Potted Up And Thriving

�Your Nursery sounds fantastic and the perfect place to give plumeria the best possible start. With this level of care
I just know I can't go wrong � Regards.�
Mrs KD, Stourbridge

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