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SuperThrive - The perfect choice for health and strength

Everything you need for a happy, healthy plumeria

Leafdew Plumeria Mist - Keep your plumeria growing strongly all Summer

Below You Will Find Everything You Need To Feed, Water, Protect And Know To Keep Your Plumeria Happy And Healthy

Used by ourselves in our own Nursery, we believe these products represent the best solutions in each of a Plumerias key areas

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Neil Dimery
Clevedon   Somerset   England

'These are fantastic. It's like being given the secrets to ultimate Plumeria care. I'm not green fingered at all and it's so re-assuring to know i'm using the right things.' Mr JO, Douglas,

The perfect bloom boosting plumeria feed - Click to enlarge

Hawaiian Super Bloomer Plumeria Feed


All The Way From The USA, The One With The Big NPK

Yes this is it! The feed you've all read about that all the USA growers use. Imported direct from our sister Nursery on Hawaii and used by ourselves to achieve blooms. Very High in "P" with a measured balance of "N" and "K", just add 1/4 teaspoon to 1 litre of water and pour or spray on. Safe and so simple to use, one 250 gram pack will last your Plumeria all year

The Perfect Partner For Superthrive

If You Want Blooms, You Need This

Hawaiian Super Bloomer 250grams

What we use to get our plumeria blooming - Click to enlarge

The perfect all round tonic and nutrient supplement - Click to enlarge


The Undisputed "Number 1" Choice With US Growers

SuperThrive is the ultimate year round additive for your Plumeria, combining a fantastic mix of all the micro-nutrients your Plumeria needs for strong, successful growth. The perfect de-stresser after re-potting, reviver after hibernation or just general tonic to keep your Plumeria in tip-top condition. Available now in our own dropper bottle for ease of use, just add 5 drops per litre when you water and one 30ml bottle will keep your Plumeria Happy and Healthy all year round

The Gold Medal World Champion That's Even Used By The US Government

The Ideal Supplement For Hawaiian Super Bloomer And Leafdew Plumeria Mist

SuperThrive 30ml Bottle

Keeps your plumeria in tip top health - Click to enlarge

Let your plumeria bathe in pure natural daylight whatever the weather - Click to enlarge

Natural Daylight Bulb

Your Plumeria Will Think It's Still Summer

Banish those dark, dank dreary winter days with our fantastic Natural Daylight Bulb. Your Plumeria will absolutely love it ! and just a few hours underneath each day will keep it thriving all winter long. Rated at 60w with bayonet or screw fittings it provides plant nourishing Natural Daylight with the added benefit of additional warmth. Just suspend overhead or point from a spotlamp

The Ultimate Plumeria Sunbed

Natural Daylight Bulb 60w

All the benefits of natural daylight all year round - Click to enlarge

Keep your plumeria's roots warm and functioning all winter long - Click to enlarge

Plumeria Warmer

The Ultimate Electric Blanket

Keep your Plumerias roots warm as toast with our incredible Plumeria Warmers. Just place one under your drip tray, plug in and let it keep your Plumerias growing all winter long. Discreet, Insulated and Thermostatically Controlled to warm to 9 degrees above normal ambient room temperature, our Plumeria Warmers automatically switch on and off as required and are ideal for combining with our Natural Daylight Bulb giving total climate control. Available in 3 sizes to cater for all drip trays and pots and rated at a very low 10w, their safe, economical and will ensure your Plumeria receives optimum bottom heat, essential for those wishing to avoid hibernation and promote winter growth

The Perfect Winter Warmer For Your Plumeria

Thermostatic Plumeria Warmer
175mm x 175mm

175mm x 375mm

375mm x 375mm

Avoid hibernation and keep your plumeria growing all winter - Click to enlarge

Whether your top dressing or repotting, it's exactly what you need - Click to enlarge

The Perfect Mix

Does Your Plumerias Soil Need Revitalising? Or Is It Just To Big For It's Pot?

Either way, sounds like a spot of top dressing or repotting is needed and our Perfect Mix is the ideal way to easily and safely do this. The Perfect Mix is our Nursery's own special blend of top quality, free draining soil and perlite, enriched with additional root boosting nutrients. Ideal for topping up and refreshing the existing soil or completely repotting your plumeria if required. Simple, safe and just what your plumerias been longing for

Available In 2 Packs Sizes With Full Instructions

Large 1200gm for a 10"x8" pot

Medium 650gm for a 7"x5" pot

A superb, nutrient rich blend, devised and used by our own Nursery - Click to enlarge

The simple, safe way to keep your plumeria pest free - Click to enlarge

Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide

Fed Up With Spider Mites? Well This Sorts Them Out

Just mix up a batch, spray it on and watch them die. It's safe and simple to use and also kills Greenfly, Blackfly, Whitefly, Thrips and Scale as well as controlling Black Spot, Mildew and Rust. It even shines your Plumerias leaves! One little 30ml bottle of concentrate will make up a full 1 litre, enough to last you all year long

Fill Up A Spray Bottle And At The First Sign, Zapp 'Em

Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide 30ml

The simple, safe way to keep your plumeria pest free - Click to enlarge

Ensure your plumeria is getting the very best available conditions - Click to enlarge

Water, Soil & Daylight Analyser

Is Your Plumeria Enjoying The Best Possible Conditions?

Are You Really Sure ?

Our Analyser is ideal for ensuring your Plumeria is correctly Watered, in the right slightly acidic Soil and in the best Daylight. Movable from plant to plant, just insert it into your plumerias rootball and note your Moisture and Soil PH readings. Then switch to the Daylight setting to see how well lit it�s current position is. Adjust accordingly and then do the same with your next Plumeria. Perfect for ensuring there all benefitting from the best possible conditions

A great way to find out what best suits your Plumerias in your own environment. No need to guess or rely on "others" advice, our Analyser allows you to accurately measure, record and fine tune these 3 most important factors to ensure best possible conditions for your plumeria

No batteries required, torsion powered, robust and easy to read. As used by ourselves in our own nursery

The Ultimate Weekly Check

Water, Soil & Daylight Analyser

Ensure your plumeria is getting the very best available conditions - Click to enlarge

The easy way to know when your plumeria needs watering - Click to enlarge

Electronic Water Probe

Does My Plumeria Need More Water? Are It's Roots Dry? How Can You Know?

And Overwatering Is The Biggest Killer Of Plumeria

A great and easy way to remove the worry over this is to use one of our Electronic Water Probes. Just turn it on, see it start blinking and then insert it down into the pot amongst the roots. If the soil is wet at root level it stops blinking, but if the soil is dry it will continue to blink telling you its safe to water. Could it be any easier! Can be left in place permanently with one plant or used as desired with multiple plants. Requires 2x AG batteries which are included and can be easily replaced.

Safe, Simple, Healthy Growing All Year Round

Electronic Water Probe

The easy way to know when your plumeria needs watering - Click to enlarge

The easy way to protect your plumeria from overwatering plumeria needs watering - Click to enlarge

Water Monitor

Is Your Plumeria Thirsty? How Can You Tell? How Can You Be Sure?

Yes we know, it can be really tricky, especially as getting it wrong can lead to disaster! Well our Water Monitor removes all this worry and guesswork, by giving you an instant, at a glance, accurate at "Root Level" reading, telling you when to water and when not. Just insert into your Plumerias pot and water whenever it turns "Red", our Water Monitor is the perfect way to ensure you keep your Plumerias thirst perfectly quenched, without overwatering.

Just Simple, Safe and Effective

Complete Peace of Mind

Water Monitor

The easy way to protect your plumeria from overwatering plumeria needs watering - Click to enlarge

Feed and nourish your plumeria from the outside in - Click to enlarge

Leafdew Plumeria Mist

Make Your Plumeria Think It's Back In The Tropics

Leafdew Plumeria Mist is the ideal way to simulate dewfall without the risk of overwatering. High in Nitrogen, the essential ingredient for leaf and stem growth, our Leafdew Plumeria Mist is the perfect way to encourage strong tip development and promote blooming. Available in 30ml bottles, sufficient for over 2 litres, just mix 15ml with a litre of water in a spray bottle and apply to the tip and leaves early morning and evening.

Keep Your Plumeria Refreshed And Healthy All Year Long

Leafdew Plumeria Mist 30ml

Feed and nourish your plumeria from the outside in - Click to enlarge

The secret to successful rooting - Click to enlarge

Clonex Rooting Gel

Rooting Your Own Cuttings? Use Clonex, We Do

Getting a plumeria cutting to root is no easy business. You need all the help you can get. And Clonex Rooting Rel will give you that help. Just paint it on the end of your cutting and root it as explained. Clonex is 500% stronger than most powders and remains in place around the cutting base, supplying all the stimulation needed to initiate, protect and feed young roots

Give Your Cuttings The Perfect Start

Clonex Rooting Gel

The secret to successful rooting - Click to enlarge

The answer to all your questions - Click to enlarge

The Essential Plumeria Handbook

The Answers To All Those Questions

Full of advice, tips and answers to all those questions you've always wanted to ask. Easy to relate to UK growing and in our opinion the most comprehensive guide around
(Well until we get around to writing one!)

Essential Reading For All Plumeria Enthusiasts

Growing Plumeria - Jim Little

The answer to all your questions - Click to enlarge

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