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Plumeria, stunning flowers from the tropics which we can help you grow in the UK

Bringing the Aromas of the Tropics to your Home

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Plumeria, stunning flowers from the tropics which we can help you grow in the UK

Plumerias UK, Bringing the tropics to your home

Plumeria, stunning flowers from the tropics which we can help you grow in the UK

Plumeria, stunning flowers from the tropics which we can help you grow in the UK

There is Nothing quite like the Sweet Scent of Plumeria in Flower

Imagine, Stunning Rainbows with a hint of Fresh Jasmine, Exquisite Pinks with a scent of Cool Gardenia, Dazzling Yellows with Crisp Citrus Fragrances, Brilliant Whites with the Aromas of the Tropics................

Plumerias UK, Bringing the tropics to your home

Plumerias UK, just rely on our years of experience

Welcome To Our World Of Plumeria

Plumeria or Frangipani, whichever you prefer to call them, are some of nature's most exotic and beautiful plants. Over the years they have become world famous for their association with the Far East, Africa and the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Steeped in tradition, Plumeria are the actual flowers used to make the beautiful garlands or leis, which are given in friendship to visitors on arrival in the islands. Spectacular colours, enchanting fragrances and very fond memories all combine to make these incredible plants a real tropical gardeners delight.

Yes, with our help you can grow your own Plumeria

Be the envy of your friends

We first came across plumerias whilst in Hawaii many years ago and immediately fell in love with them. Since then we have devoted our time to introducing and establishing them here in the UK. Our own Nursery is constantly striving to find ways and means of improving their performance in our climate and our experiences and unique climate controlled facilities do allow us to offer the best quality, pre-acclimatised, ready potted specimins all year round.

Our Nursery provides the ideal enviroment to ensure your plumeria is properly established

'My Plumeria are just perfect! They remind me so much of my wedding in Sri Lanka
I will be ordering another. Thanks'
Mrs VR, York

Take a peek inside one of our Nurseries, It's like a mini Jungle

All our Plumeria are easy to grow and bloom and require only minimal care and attention. They simply need a warm, well lit spot in a conservatory, home or garden and exposure to as much sun as your climate can offer. A little water and some of our specialised plant food is then all you need add. Subject to conditions blooming can happen as early as the first summer and by using the products in our Essential Supplies catalogue and the advice given in our Free Monthly Newsletter you can always rest assured, knowing your doing everything you need to achieve success.

Our Free Monthly Newsletter tells you exactly what to do month by month

'Your instructions are excellent. Lots of detail and very easy to follow
My Best Regards.'
Mr JDW, Lowestoft

Plumeria seedlings make wonderful gifts suitable for everyone

We sell our Plumeria in a number of forms, to suit all pockets and occasions. Seedlings are young Plumeria plants that are approximately 6 months old, 3-6 inches tall and bloom in 2-3 years. They come potted and growing, with full instructions, all ready to be placed and cared for. To guarantee quality, all our Seedlings are hand reared from named seeds in our climate controlled Nursery and whilst not all grow true to their parent, are very easy to look after, fascinating to behold and do make truly unique gifts.

Plumeria seedlings are very easy to grow in your home

'I am really impressed. My Plumeria seedling is fantastic
Many Thanks.'
Mrs GM, Taunton

Plumeria cuttings generally flower in only 12-18 months

Tree Cuttings are actual stem tissue cut from mature Plumeria trees. They are normally between 12-18 inches long, 1 inch in diameter and resemble a thick, gnarled branch. But, once planted they quickly leaf and then generally bloom in only 12-18 months. Planting and care does require some skill, but we do provide detailed instructions to help make this a little easier.

Cuttings are an excellent choice for the green fingered enthusiast

'The cuttings arrived very promptly. They are now planted and I am looking forward to my first bud
Thanks again.'
Mr MK, Edinburgh

If your in no rush, then save money and let us do the work for you

If your in no rush or you'd prefer a Plumeria plant that is already potted and leafed, then our Grow To Order Service is an excellent solution. It enables you to have the Plumeria plant of your choice professionally prepared and brought into full leaf by us in our climate controlled Nursery. The process generally takes 8-12 weeks, and we are always happy to keep and care for plumerias for longer if desired. Then when everyone's ready we despatch your Plumeria to you, already potted and in leaf, giving you a Ready Grown Plumeria Plant at nearly half the normal price!

The ultimate instant plumeria solution

'Your Grow To Order service is excellent. As a novice, It gives me complete peace of mind and is so much easier than doing it myself. I can't wait to receive them.' Mrs RF, Cirencester

Plumeria plants already potted, in leaf and ready to go

But, if time is of the essence, then our Ready Grown Plumeria Plants do offer the ultimate 'Instant' solution. These are mature plants that we keep pre conditioned in our Nursery allowing for despatch all year round. Each one is 40-60cm in height, fully established with strong roots and leaves and subject to availability can be ready for despatch in only 8-12 days. They are despatched potted in soil and very carefully packed to ensure safe transit, leaving you to simply unpack, place and enjoy. Or for the ultimate, consider our Extra Large specimins which are bigger and even more visually dramatic. These vibrant and robust multi branched Plumeria are all 3-4 years old, between 70cm and 100cm tall with the pedigree of having already flowered and can be delivered in only 6-8 weeks, providing the ideal solution for your perfect Plumeria experience.

Extra Large Plumeria, prepared and sent precisely when your ready

'My Ready Rooted Molikini Fantasy arrived today. It's now taking pride of place in my conservatory
I am so pleased!'
Mr PA, Salford

All plumeria are quality checked to ensure your total satisfaction

Prior to despatch all Seedlings, Tree Cuttings and Plumeria Plants are fully inspected and prepared. They are then carefully hand packed in hardened packaging and despatched by Royal Mail First Class Recorded Delivery. We enclose full Care and Maintenance instructions with every order and are always available online if you have any questions or need any help. Likewise, our Plumeria Gift Vouchers are an excellent choice, for those wishing to share their passion with friends or colleagues, whilst still allowing the recipient the pleasure of choosing the actual variety and delivery date.

Carefully prepared and packed by hand in our nursery using our own specially designed packaging

'My Plumeria arrived safely this morning. Brilliant Packaging!
Thanks very much.'
Mrs PT, Salford

SuperThrive, the perfect plumeria stimulant

Every now and again, your Plumeria may seem to be a little under the weather. Stunted growth, withering stems, dropping or discoloured leaves can be a very worrying sight and easily create a feeling of panic over what to do, often resulting in misguided action. The Plumeria Clinic, is the ideal place to take your worries and concerns, as it offers simple, practical, UK relevant advice, based on our many experiences over the years within our own Nursery. So whether your Plumeria came from us or not, to get it back on track and restore your peace of mind, just click on the button at the bottom of this page and see if we can help.

Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide the solution to many plumeria problems

Water, Soil & Daylight Analyser, the ideal way to protect and monitor your plumeria

Likewise if you'd like to give your Plumeria some extra nourishment or a little pick me up, then a visit to our Essential Supplies catalogue is exactly what you need. Packed with all the 'little secrets' we ourselves use in our own nurseries, they allow you to really encourage and support your Plumeria in every way, getting it all set for summer blooming. Just click on the button at the bottom of this page and take a look.

Hawaiian Super Bloomer, the ultimate way to promote early blooming

'The advice your clinic gave me really saved the day. I ordered the supplies suggested and my plumeria is positively thriving. Thankyou.' Miss JC, Bristol

Plumerias UK can help you make your plumeia dream come true

So, if you'd like to try the latest trend in tropical gardening, spice-up an existing collection or simply relive a memory of distant shores or times, order one of our Plumeria and you won't be disappointed.

We Look Forward to hearing from you soon.

Neil Dimery
Clevedon   Somerset   England

Plumerias UK, like you we just love plumeria

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