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Welcome to our June Newsletter

So Summer Is Finally With Us

And about time too, as I think my Plumeria were beginning to wonder which country they were in. Still, we're here now and my Plumeria are happily soaking up all the beautiful sunshine they can get. And a few drops of Superthrive, a morning misting of Leafdew Plumeria Mist and a daily dose of some Hawaiian Super Bloomer is certainly helping them get prepared and into blooming mode

Off course being in the UK, a bit of intermittent wet weather is always just round the corner. But, do remember that a bit of rain will do your garden the power of good and will help keep the temperature up, especially at night, which is excellent news for your Plumeria. It's particularly beneficial as the daily growing cycle of a Plumeria is based around absorbing sun and light in the day, which is then used to achieve growth overnight. As mentioned above, this can be further enhanced by adding a few drops of Superthrive to your watering regime and a morning misting of Leafdew Plumeria Mist, both of which will help get your Plumeria up and running all the quicker

Being pro-active and getting maximum sunshine on to your Plumeria really is the name of the game. Just work out where those best spots are at different times of the day and move your Plumeria into them accordingly. A morning and afternoon position is all you really need and don't forget the evenings, as the suns setting rays can be particularly invigorating for a growing Plumeria. But, whilst all this extra sun will work wonders, do keep a close eye out for any unwelcome visitors. Red Spider Mite are a real curse and just love sucking all the life out of Plumeria leaves, undoing all your good work. So at the first signs, just reach for some of our Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide and zap them just like we do

As usual, talk of "Droughts" and "Hosepipe Bans" is starting to surface, but thankfully my Plumeria like most of yours will be inside and not really a drain on our water resources. Off course Plumeria are not exactly unfamiliar to drought conditions, but you still need to make sure your soil, positioning and watering regime are evenly balanced to avoid stop / start growth. Our Water Monitors and Water, Soil & Daylight Analysers are a great solution for this, as they give you an accurate reading of you Plumerias environment, telling you exactly when water, soil balancing or better positioning is required

Now you've probably already got an abundance of leaves on your Plumeria, so now is the time to adjust its feed to promote blooming. To do this you need a feed with a high phosphate content and our Hawaiian Super Bloomer with its unique NPK of 10-52-10 is the ideal choice and the one our Nursery use and recommend. Off course nothing will guarantee blooms, but the extra boost that our Hawaiian Super Bloomer provides is ideal for kick starting the process and putting your Plumeria straight into blooming mode

So with the return of Test Cricket and Wimbledon on its way, it really is the perfect time to make that final choice, get your order placed and allow your new Plumeria to fully benefit from all the sunny days to come. Our Catalogues offer a fantastic selection of Ready Grown or Grow To Order Plumeria to choose from, including our Extra Large Plumeria Plants which make a wonderful feature in any home. Then just add in your Essential Supplies and you have everything you need to give your Plumeria every chance of blooming this summer Go on Treat Yourself, Start Summer Now

Yours Sincerely

Neil Dimery

Everything Your Plumeria Needs For Summer

Essential Plumeria Supplies

Everything you need to feed, water and know to keep your plumeria in top gear all year round can be found in our Essential Supplies Catalogue

Hawaiian Super Bloomer, SuperThrive, Leafdew Plumeria Mist, Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide, Root Warmers, Lighting etc, all as used by ourselves in our own nursery to keep your Plumeria fighting fit

So, Pay Us A Visit And Keep Your Plumeria Thriving All Year Long

'These are fantastic. I'm not green fingered at all and it's like being given the secrets to successful Plumeria care.
- It's so re-assuring to know I'm using the right things.'
Mr JO, Douglas

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The Perfect Choice For Summer

Ready Grown Plumeria Plants

Ready Grown Plumeria

Ready Grown Plumeria

Residing all year round in our own climate controlled UK nursery

These Ready Grown Plumeria Plants are ideal for that special place in any home

Each one arrives potted, complete with roots and leaves and is already to be placed and cared for

It's Easy, Just Order, Unpack and Enjoy

Go On, Treat Someone, Even Yourself

'My Ready Grown Molikini Fantasy arrived today. I've re-potted it's now taking pride of place in my conservatory
- I am so pleased'
Mr PA, Salford,

For Full Details Of Prices And How To Order Just Click On The Button Below And Visit Our Main Website

Welcome To Our

Plumeria Nursery & Clinic

Ideal For Getting Plumeria Ready For Life In The UK

We started our nursery over 10 years ago, having been captivated by the beauty of the plumeria we'd seen on our travels

Since then our nursery and Plumeria Clinic have gone from strength to strength and allowed us, to develop and refine the perfect set of care techniques and products to ensure success in the UK

Our custom climate control system allows us to import Plumeria of all sizes from our sister nurseries abroad and then re-establish and grow them strongly in their natural tropical environment, whilst gradually getting them used to our cooler UK conditions

These checks really ensure that all our plumeria are fully acclimatised and established before being released for online sale and means they arrive with you in perfect health and fully conditioned for life within your care

Likewise, our Plumeria Clinic is the ideal place to take any worries or concerns you may have about your own plumeria. As it offers simple, practical, UK relevant advice, based on our own many years of experience

So if your plumeria is not growing as you'd like it too or you just fancy taking a look at how we do things, just click on one of the buttons below and see if we can help

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