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Welcome to our February Newsletter

Isn't This Weather Wonderful!

Yes, it never fails to amaze me and to help overcome this, just tell yourself that now is in fact the perfect time to start preparing for spring! It certainly makes you feel better and good preparation now will reap benefits later in the year. So be proactive, go pay a visit to our Essential Plumeria Supplies catalogue and get yourself and your Plumeria fully prepared

General conditions at this time of year are always challenging, and whilst it can be hard to get any noticeable growth from a Plumeria, what is more important is to ensure nothing detrimental is happening. Letting your Plumeria become too cold, overwatered or generally neglected, can set its development back many months and completely spoil the forthcoming spring and summer seasons. There's no need to worry unduly, but just use your common sense and always err on the side of caution. If you are at all concerned, then order one of our Water, Soil & Daylight Analysers and some SuperThrive, as these make the whole "overwintering" process so much easier and give wonderful peace of mind

It comes as no real surprise that sunlight is pretty scarce at the moment, so improvisation is the key. An active Plumeria needs light to keep growing or at least maintain its status quo, so it is essential that you give your Plumeria as many opportunities as possible to benefit from what little quality light may be available. Obviously sunlight is ideal, but artificial light can be just as rewarding and our Natural Daylight Bulb does provide this in abundance. Just pop one in a spotlamp and watch your Plumeria bathe. Just a few hours sunbathing each day can make all the difference and have some great results

If your Plumeria is still awake, another sure-fire way to give it a boost is Bottom Heat. Plumeria roots love to be nice and cosy, so any additional heat you can get into their pot will pay dividends later in the year. The obvious way to do this is via our Plumeria Warmer. It's a really safe way to ensure your Plumerias roots are kept warm as toast without the worry of "cooking" or increasing your electric bill. It simply warms your Plumeria to the ideal temperature and then switches on and off automatically, ensuring your Plumeria is always kept at the optimum temperature. Safe, secure with real peace of mind and perfect for using with one of our Natural Daylight Bulbs to provide a tropical paradise all year round

Correct watering is very important at this time of year, especially if your Plumeria is still actively growing. In our Nursery we always add a few drops of SuperThrive to our Plumerias water and regularly mist the growth tips with Leafdew Plumeria Mist, as this helps strengthen roots and promote leaf growth. We also start to 'load' with a bit of Hawaiian Super Bloomer, as boosting a Plumerias soil nutrient content now, can give it a real headstart for the spring and summer

So with spring just around the corner, what better time could there be to make use of our Plumeria Grow To Order Service. Just choose the Plumeria variety you like and we'll grow it for you over the next few months in our Climate Controlled Nursery. When it's ready we'll let you know and post it out to you, already for the spring and summer. No fuss, no worries , just a great way to beat the winter cold and guarantee having a Plumeria perfectly set up for summer blooming

Yours Sincerely

Neil Dimery

Everything Your Plumeria Needs For Winter

Essential Plumeria Supplies

Everything you need to feed, water and know to keep your plumeria in top gear all year round can be found in our Essential Supplies Catalogue

Hawaiian Super Bloomer, SuperThrive, Leafdew Plumeria Mist, Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide, Root Warmers, Lighting etc, all as used by ourselves in our own nursery to keep your Plumeria fighting fit

So, Pay Us A Visit And Keep Your Plumeria Thriving All Year Long

'These are fantastic. I'm not green fingered at all and it's like being given the secrets to successful Plumeria care.
- It's so re-assuring to know I'm using the right things.'
Mr JO, Douglas

For Full Details Of Prices And How To Order Just Click On The Button Below And Visit Our Main Website

The Perfect Choice For Spring

Grow To Order Service

Grow To Order

Grow To Order

The ideal way to have your plumeria professionally established in our nursery by our experts

No fuss, no worry, no rooting failures, just complete peace of mind with your plumeria arriving potted and in leaf at the perfect time of your choosing

Safe, secure, strong growing already for when you are

All the benefits of a Ready Grown Plant at nearly half the price

'Your Grow to Order service is excellent. As a novice, It gives me complete peace of mind and is so much easier than
trying to do it myself. I can't wait to receive them!' Mrs RF, Cirencester

For Full Details Of Prices And How To Order Just Click On The Button Below And Visit Our Main Website

Welcome To Our

Plumeria Nursery & Clinic

Ideal For Getting Plumeria Ready For Life In The UK

We started our nursery over 10 years ago, having been captivated by the beauty of the plumeria we'd seen on our travels

Since then our nursery and Plumeria Clinic have gone from strength to strength and allowed us, to develop and refine the perfect set of care techniques and products to ensure success in the UK

Our custom climate control system allows us to import Plumeria of all sizes from our sister nurseries abroad and then re-establish and grow them strongly in their natural tropical environment, whilst gradually getting them used to our cooler UK conditions

These checks really ensure that all our plumeria are fully acclimatised and established before being released for online sale and means they arrive with you in perfect health and fully conditioned for life within your care

Likewise, our Plumeria Clinic is the ideal place to take any worries or concerns you may have about your own plumeria. As it offers simple, practical, UK relevant advice, based on our own many years of experience

So if your plumeria is not growing as you'd like it too or you just fancy taking a look at how we do things, just click on one of the buttons below and see if we can help

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