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Isn't All This Sunshine Fantastic!

Okay, well maybe not for everyone, but it does create conditions that are perfect for Plumeria growth. Our Extra Large and Ready Grown Plumeria just love it, in fact our nursery now looks like a mini Rainforest

August and September are the perfect blooming months for Plumeria, so if you haven't already done so, you need to get your Plumeria some of our Hawaiian Super Bloomer. Its big NPK of 10-52-10 is perfect for this, as it contains a huge dose of Phosphates, essential for blooming. It also combines perfectly with our Leafdew Plumeria Mist which provides additional tip and leaf nourishing nitrogen giving your Plumeria its full range of nutrients at both root and tip level. Blooms are always tricky to generate, but by providing all round nourishment you can certainly boost your chances to the max

When growing strongly, a Plumeria will appear to drink as much water as you give it, and as long as your sensible all will be well. By sensible I mean a measured quantity on a regular basis, like half a cup of water daily. Small and often is always better than drought or flood and ideal if you're feeding with Hawaiian Super Bloomer. If your not sure, then our Water, Soil & Daylight Analyser is an easy and excellent way to ascertain exactly what moisture is present at root level, whilst also allowing you to easily monitor the soil PH and quality of daylight your Plumeria is receiving. It may all seem a little simple and commonsense, but believe me, the more of these things you can get just right, the greater your chances of success

Now, if your Plumeria is a slow starter, a new cutting or has just been recently re-potted, then going straight into top gear can lead to trouble. Strong tip and leaf growth is always encouraging to see, but remember, roots do take longer to settle and can result in desiccation or a shrivelling of the stem. This happens when tip growth is thriving, but the roots are still not ready to channel sufficient nutrition. The tip then has to feed from the stem, resulting in it becoming drained and wrinkled. Vibrant leaves on a shriveled stem are a sure sign that the roots are still settling and is quite common in newly potted Plumeria

Mistaking this situation for a lack of water and subsequently overwatering can lead to major problems, as the roots will not be able to absorb the water properly and will simply sit in it, rotting. Our Water Monitor is a simple way to monitor root level moisture, allowing extra Superthrive to be safely given, which is what settling roots need. Likewise a daily misting with Leafdew Plumeria Mist is the ideal way to feed and support the stem and new growth from the outside in without adding any additional moisture into the soil

A Plumeria in full leaf is a fantastic site to see, just ask any little White or Red Spider Mite! Left alone they will multiply rapidly and completely wreck your Plumeria, sucking all the life giving sap from its leaves and stem. They can be so rampant, spinning their little webs and appearing literally overnight when conditions prevail, they can be an absolute devil to get rid of. But fear not as our Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide is their ultimate nemesis and a quick spray in the morning and evening, even in a precautionary capacity will destroy them and deter an infestation before it even starts

So with Summer at its peak and a warm autumn to look forward to, our Essential Supplies and Ready Grown Plumeria Plants do give you the perfect opportunity to create your own mini Rainforest in your own home. Or if planning ahead, remember our Grow to Order service is an ideal choice for those Christmas presents or winter projects and now is an ideal time to have then started

Yours Sincerely

Neil Dimery

Everything Your Plumeria Needs For Summer

Essential Plumeria Supplies

Everything you need to feed, water and know to keep your plumeria in top gear all year round can be found in our Essential Supplies Catalogue

Hawaiian Super Bloomer, SuperThrive, Leafdew Plumeria Mist, Leafguard Plumeria Insecticide, Root Warmers, Lighting etc, all as used by ourselves in our own nursery to keep your Plumeria fighting fit

So, Pay Us A Visit And Keep Your Plumeria Thriving All Year Long

'These are fantastic. I'm not green fingered at all and it's like being given the secrets to successful Plumeria care.
- It's so re-assuring to know I'm using the right things.'
Mr JO, Douglas

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The Perfect Choice For Summer

Ready Grown Plumeria Plants

Ready Grown Plumeria

Ready Grown Plumeria

Residing all year round in our own climate controlled UK nursery

These Ready Grown Plumeria Plants are ideal for that special place in any home

Each one arrives potted, complete with roots and leaves and is already to be placed and cared for

It's Easy, Just Order, Unpack and Enjoy

Go On, Treat Someone, Even Yourself

'My Ready Grown Molikini Fantasy arrived today. I've re-potted it's now taking pride of place in my conservatory
- I am so pleased'
Mr PA, Salford,

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Welcome To Our

Plumeria Nursery & Clinic

Ideal For Getting Plumeria Ready For Life In The UK

We started our nursery over 10 years ago, having been captivated by the beauty of the plumeria we'd seen on our travels

Since then our nursery and Plumeria Clinic have gone from strength to strength and allowed us, to develop and refine the perfect set of care techniques and products to ensure success in the UK

Our custom climate control system allows us to import Plumeria of all sizes from our sister nurseries abroad and then re-establish and grow them strongly in their natural tropical environment, whilst gradually getting them used to our cooler UK conditions

These checks really ensure that all our plumeria are fully acclimatised and established before being released for online sale and means they arrive with you in perfect health and fully conditioned for life within your care

Likewise, our Plumeria Clinic is the ideal place to take any worries or concerns you may have about your own plumeria. As it offers simple, practical, UK relevant advice, based on our own many years of experience

So if your plumeria is not growing as you'd like it too or you just fancy taking a look at how we do things, just click on one of the buttons below and see if we can help

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